Requirements for working in Australia

In order for us to assist you in with employment in Australia, we would need to talk with you and listen to you tell us what you are looking for.  This would give you the opportunity to speak with us directly and ask questions and get immediate answers.

NURSING REGISTRATION – To work in Australia as a nurse, you must hold current registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA).

We are happy to assist you in obtaining your registration, as long as you are within criteria.

Please note the NSW Government have strict vaccination requirements effective from 1st of May 2008, if you already meet these requirements please make sure you bring the evidence with you when you travel (NSW Vaccination requirements)

VISAS – There are various visas that enable you to travel, live and work within Australia. It is important that you determine which visa is right for you. The Department of Immigration website can help you to determine this.

If you are a qualified Registered General Nurse wishing to migrate to Australia, you will need to have your skills and qualifications assessed. This can be undertaken by the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Council .

Once you have determined which visa suits you please indicate this intention to us in your initial contact, we will be happy to assist you wherever possible to achieve your goal of working in Australia

To find out more go to Want to Proceed.

Which visa is suitable for you? VISAS & SPONSORSHIP

Please note that currently we are not able to assist Nurses who have completed their IRON course from Australia and require Sponsorship to work in Australia.